viewers are hallucinating at the new Netflix movie

Pinocchio trailer by Guillermo del Toro.

Pinocchio trailer by Guillermo del Toro. “The best movie of the year,” hallucinate subscribers to this movie – Netflix

Even harder than finding the perfect Christmas gifts is finding the perfect movie for an unforgettable evening on Netflix. Good news, the streaming platform has just put online Guillermo del Toro’s new creation which, if we are to believe the first reactions, could well become THE unmissable film of the year.

Lovers of wooden dolls were spoiled twice this year. While Disney recently teamed up with Robert Zemeckis and Tom Hanks to adapt the famous cartoon into live action Pinocchio from 1940, Guillermo del Toro teamed up with Netflix to bring his version of this fantastic story to life just weeks after he thrilled us with his cabinet of curiosities.

A shocking reinvention of Pinocchio

And if we trust the first reactions of subscribers to social networks, the director of Pan’s labyrinth and from The shape of water conquered the audience again. While Disney’s version was soon mocked for its laziness and artistic weakness, the Mexican filmmaker’s work managed to touch everyone’s heart.

It must be said that Guillermo del Toro did not skimp on resources for this project. Between a realization done in stop motion with sublimely articulated characters crafted to be as close to the subject as possible, and a much darker and more accurate approach to Carlo Collodi’s story, this adaptation is a visual nugget that our eyes and our heads. It’s beautiful, it’s powerful, it’s sincere… the director offers us a little masterpiece of which only he has the secret. Forget everything you thought you knew about this story, this feature film will…

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