what FIFA thinks of the Blues’ play in this World Cup

Fifa’s technical study group, led by the German Jürgen Klinsmann, gave its feeling on Monday at the start of the knockout phase of the 2022 World Cup. With a special mention for the French national team and the defensive work of its attackers.

On the eve of the semi-finals, FIFA experts gathered in Qatar on Monday to debrief the start of the knockout phase of the 2022 World Cup. This technical group, led by the German Klinsmann, consists of the Italian Alberto Zaccheroni, the South Korean Cha Du-Ri, the Nigerian Sunday Oliseh, the Colombian Faryd Mondragon and the Swiss Pascal Zuberbühler. Arranged on a podium, the six specialists addressed the press and illustrated their remarks with photographs, diagrams and graphs projected onto a giant screen.

The chance to particularly honor the behavior of several great offensive players who are doing valuable work in applying pressure and retreat to the Middle East. “Defensively, we generally saw very important players like Hakim Ziyech or Antoine Griezmann, who sacrificed themselves for the good of the team,” said Zaccheroni, the former manager of AC Milan and Juventus, who also managed the Japanese team. Before saluting France’s attacker: “It is the most dangerous team in the penalty area, whether it is with the qualities of Olivier Giroud and Kylian Mbappé, or because the midfielders have done a very good job, starting with Adrien Rabiot who Covers 80 meters with great quality.”

Amrabat’s “huge work” with Morocco

The Italian coach also congratulated the Atlas Lions, who face the Blues in the semi-finals (8 p.m.) on Wednesday, on their already legendary career: “Morocco has done a fantastic job of getting the most out of their skills. The flanks, he stretched the opponent’s defence, he put a lot of density in the midfield to try and win the ball in front of the defence. Out of the four semi-finalists, it was the team that defended. But the Moroccans did a great job when they got the ball back, they used their energy and their speed to the best of their ability.”

Sunday Oliseh, the former Nigeria coach, also praised Walid Regragui’s training: “Morocco is the team that best animated its defensive compactness during the tournament. There were sacrifices from the whole team without the ball. They also one player I think is doing a great job: Sofyan Amrabat, who fills the gaps a lot. And when they are in the defense phase, the Moroccans play a lot in triangles. In this case it is difficult for the opponent to make a pass and break through the lines easily without strong opposition. Result? Morocco only conceded one goal, not scored by the opponents, but against their own camp.”

Spain pushed for change to win

After praising the “great quality” of the Croatian midfielder or the decisive performances of the goalkeepers, the Fifa technical group allowed itself some recommendations to the attention of Spain, exit in 8th finals by Morocco, with a sterile possession (0- 0 , 3 pins to 0).

“We admire what Spain did from 2008 to 2012, they revolutionized football. Many have adopted their style. But in this World Cup we have seen that the teams are looking for something different. They already know how to beat Spain play,” explains Klinsmann. We think it may be necessary to play with a clean 9 to complete actions. We’re not saying that Spain should stop their assists game. It’s great, but you may not get results that way.”

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