what we know about the explosion in a building that killed at least one person

An explosion that occurred in a residential building in Saint-Helier, the capital of the Channel Island of Jersey, killed one person on Saturday, December 10, 2022. “decades” others are missing, according to local police infirmations, reported by theAFP.

A map of Jersey showing the location of Saint-Helier. | WESTERN FRANCE INFOGRAPHIC

Rescue and emergency services always on site

At around 4 a.m., local police chief Robin Smith reported that a « big explosion » occurred. Firefighters, who were still on site around noon, brought the fire under control. As for the emergency services, “they are working on site and have launched an investigation on site”, police said, asking residents to avoid the area. In total, according to the island’s head of government Kristina Moore, “21 police officers, nine paramedics and 19 firefighters were deployed to the scene of the explosion”passes on its site the British radio and television channel BBC .

Ten people missing

The British media report the disappearance of twelve people. Robin Smith made a statement just before 10 a.m., the British media report ITV News Channel : “Following this morning’s explosion in Haut du Mont, Pier Road, a number of residents are still missing. Family members are contacted by family liaison officers. »

Several apartments destroyed

ITV News Channel reports that at least six apartments were destroyed by the blast.

According to him, it is a three-storey building Reuters. He would have completely collapsed. “The Haut de Mont apartments were owned by Andium Homes, the social housing company owned by the Jersey government”precisely ITV News Channel.

Two injured people taken to hospital

Two people are currently being treated in hospital. 20 to 30 people were evacuated from the district and received at the town hall of Saint-Helier. “Given the destruction of the building, it is difficult to estimate the exact number” of missing persons, admitted that the head of the Jersey government, Kristina Moore, specified that clearing the places could take ” multiple days “.

The fire department called for a smell of gas

During a press conference, Robin Smith indicated that the fire brigade had been called during the night by residents who smelled gas.

In a statement, Jo Cox, managing director of Islands Energy Group, a company that supplies gas to Jersey, said: “We are fully cooperating with the emergency services after the serious incident in Saint-Helier this morning. »reports the local newspaper, Jersey evening mail .

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