Will Smith has a message for those who don’t want to see his movies anymore

Will Smith
Twitter screenshot Will Smith

Twitter screenshot

Will Smith, here in an interview for Fox 5, Monday, November 28

CINEMA – Will Smith is back. The film Emancipation, which has already been released in theaters in the United States, will be available on Apple TV+ in France starting Friday, December 9. It is the first feature film starring the 54-year-old American actor since the Oscars incident. So, in an interview, Will Smith took the opportunity to address those who decided to boycott his films.

« I completely understand “, he assured journalist Kevin McCarthy of the American TV channel Fox 5. If someone is not ready, I will fully respect them and give them the freedom not to want to see me again. »

Will Smith explains that his main concern is ” the film crew ». « My dearest wish is that my actions do not punish the team. I’m working on that right now.”and then named the movie star, promoting Antoine Fuqua’s new feature film, Emancipation.

While Hollywood pros previously bet on delaying this landmark film about slavery because of the sulfur smell that Will Smith has been emitting since the controversy at the Oscars, Apple announced last October that it would not go back on its release date.

Will Smith’s Hope

Behind the camera: Antoine Fuqua, whose film Training day (2001) won Denzel Washington the Oscar for Best Actor. In a recent interview for the magazine Vanity pursehe felt that his film’s story was more important than Will Smith’s gesture, hoping that it would encourage viewers to ” transported by the actor’s performance.

In Emancipation, Will Smith camps a runaway slave in the swamps of Louisiana, hoping to reach the north of the country, synonymous with freedom for African Americans in the United States of the 19th century. ” I hope the movie itself, its power and the timeliness of its story, and the good it can do, will at least open people’s hearts to see, recognize and support the incredible artists in and around this movie . ‘ concluded the Hollywood actor.

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