“You’re a real asshole”: Cyril Hanouna dropped by a token TPMP columnist swinging about their relationship

Despite Cyril Hanouna’s promises this summer, this new season of TPMP is far from bright with a benign atmosphere. On the contrary, each week is marked by a new controversy on the C8 set, be it violent clashes between the columnists or regular rants by the host against his teams, his guests or television professionals.

Jean-Michel Maire distances himself from Cyril Hanouna

A permanent tension that is sometimes unbearable, frustrating and embarrassing for viewers because it ruins the viewing experience, mainly caused by the behavior of Cyril Hanouna, who unfortunately is not about to get better. Jean-Michel Maire, the talk show’s emblematic columnist, was invited to confide in his relationship with the presenter and confessed that it was not always easy to talk and reason with him.

I allow myself to say things to him that others may not dare to say to him. If I find that on the show, he was too hard on one of the columnists. I allow myself to tell him“, he revealed at the microphone of Télé-Loisirs. An important and necessary role, but one that he would unfortunately be the only (or almost) competent.

One day I even texted, “You’re a real asshole.” I was serioushe then explained, revealing that Cyril Hanouna wasn’t the type to question himself.Yes, I’m an asshole and I like ithe replied.We talked about it later and he said to me, ‘Jean-Michel, it’s funny because (…) you’re the only one I’ll allow to talk to me like that, because if it were someone else, I’d be in panic.

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“I Won’t Say He’s A Friend”

A way of looking that no longer surprises Jean-Michel Maire after all these years, “he’s a boss“, but which is not without consequences for his relationship with the host. Where we imagined the columnist and Cyril Hanouna as BFFs in real life since the time they were together, the reality would be a wee bit more measured.

I won’t say he’s a friend. Because a friend to me is someone very, very closehe admitted. We call each other every day, go on vacation together, etc. To me he is a bossWell, he finally confided that he could still see it as “a pot“, but Jean-Michel Maire obviously put a certain limit on this relationship, so as not to suffer too much.

And at the same time, seeing how outraged Hanouna can be with his former protégés, it’s not hard to understand.

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